The devil is in the details and we are all about the details

Our vision

We aim to design and engineer the best products that we possibly can. We want our customers to feel that they get value for their purchase.

This is why we only use the best medical grade silicones and pigments in our products. We want to become a household name in this industry and the only way to accomplish that is to produce and be synonymous with quality toys.

We want our customers to come back because they know what they get when they buy a product from Funphoria – namely quality.

Inclusion is our vibe

We believe that every individual has the right to be just who they are as long it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Live your best life and prosper. What you do in your bedroom or any room of choice is your own secret world.


If you haven’t already guessed we support the good cause and our products are for anyone and everyone.

We do not categorize our our products by gender because it is not any of our business who uses it. Join our good vibe tribe !

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Why should you choose our products?


We exclusively use premium medical grade silicones and pigments in our products

Made in Sweden

We do everything from design to production at our site in Gothenburg, Sweden.


We promote safe sex and it doesn't get much safer than doing it on your own, using Funphoria toys.

Join us on our journey

We are only getting started, we know where we are going and we think you're going to like it too

We invite you to sexplore with Funphoria

Our team is comprised of talented and hard workers


Johan Märs

Johan is an automation engineer and has 17 years experience within the automation field and has a lengthy experience with theme parks. He is also skilled in CAD and programming and a has a big tech interest.


Mikael Olofsson

Mikael has a background in product development and design and has worked as a surface designer in the automotive industry for 10 years for several world renowned automotive brands. He is skilled in 3D modelling and visualization.

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