How to clean your sex toys

When buying a sex toy, how to clean them may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, knowing how to clean and store your toys is worth putting a little effort into, so that both you and your partner are safe and your sex toy stays in good condition.
A regular wash every time you use your toy, both before and after is basic knowledge but what should you think of, and what mistakes can you avoid?

We have you covered!

Here are 6 things you should know when cleaning your sex toys.

1. Research your new toys

First of all you must find out what material your toy is made of, this is a crucial step since material and presence of a motor will determine how you should wash it. It can also be a good idea to stick to toys made from quality materials. What you should look for is “medical grade” materials, which all our products at Funphoria are made of. That’s the highest quality and the safest for your body.

2. Clean your toy when it first arrives

Just because it’s new and fresh out of the box doesn’t mean that your toy is sterile. Therefore  it’s reasonable to clean your toy before first use. 

3. Don’t use scented soaps or cleaning products when washing your toys

Remember, these toys are presumably going back into contact with intimate parts of your body. Scents can cause irritation and problems like yeast infections. Cleaning products that aren’t meant for sex toys can also damage them. Use a mild soap that you would use on your body. 

4. Check if your toy is waterproof or water-resistant before cleaning it

The good news is that many sex toys are waterproof. But if it’s not, there could be openings through which water will leak and cause electrical and battery damage. Make sure to review the product information so you don’t ruin your toy. 

5. Dry your toys off properly 

If you don’t dry off your toy fully before storing, it could damage your toy or leave water marks. So make sure to really dry it off before storing it back in it’s place. You should also avoid towels that leave any kind of dust or irritating particles on the toy.
For our toys we suggest that you shake off any residue water and let it air dry before you stow it away.

6. Storage matters

Your drawer, for example, is usually a location where bacteria easily build up. So perhaps you should rethink before storing them there. Besides, why would you want to hide your pleasure products? We encourage you to leave your favorite sex toy on your nightstand. It sends a statement that you prioritize pleasure and can also serve as a reminder to have sex. 

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