You can find comfort in knowing your sexual experience will be enhanced with excitement if you know exactly what you’re putting into or on your body. More people are concerned with the types of foods their eating and the products they use on their skin. Why should sex toys be any different? It is equally important for your health to know what materials your sex toys are made of. We’ll explore the importance of choosing body-safe sex toys for your health.

The importance of body-safe materials

A body-safe sex toy doesn’t contain harmful or toxic chemicals that are bad for your health. At Funphoria, we’ve made it our mission to create products that not only create pleasure but are also completely safe for your health. It’s important for consumers to understand what’s in their sex toys.

Types of materials in sex toys that are safe

When choosing the right sex toy for you, stick to non-porous products as they are made from higher quality safe materials. They don’t trap bacteria in them because they don’t have pores, which also makes them easier to clean. Non-porous materials are typically hard in nature.

Non-porous materials include:

• Silicone
• Glass
• Metal
• ABS Plastic

Porous materials to avoid include:

• Jelly
• Fanta flesh/Cyberskin
• Latex

It’s all in the details: body-safe materials

Our products are made entirely from the best medical grade silicones and pigments. Here are some details you should know:

Silicone is super important

When choosing the right sex toy, silicone is the ultimate body-safe material. Some manufactures create silicone blends, which is not what you want. Although these materials can’t leak chemicals inside or on your body, blends fall in the porous category. This means bacteria can get trapped and you can’t fully disinfect them.

Sex toys made of 100% silicone like ours have the best reputation for being body-safe adult products.

Other benefits of our medical grade silicone sex toys include:

• Non-reactive
• Very easy to clean and disinfect
• Will heat up to your body temperature
• Not susceptible to bacteria buildup

In summary

With an unregulated sex toy industry, your safety heavily depends on ensuring you have the proper knowledge to choose body-safe materials. We make it our mission to keep you safe and healthy while offering a pleasurable experience. The next time you purchase an adult toy product, make sure you check the label for the ingredients and avoid anything that is harmful or toxic to your health. To check out our medical grade silicone sex toys for the ultimate safe and pleasurable experience, click here!

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